Big Message, Little Book

Yesterday a book arrived in the mail that was perfect. 


Every month we get a new book for each of my girls from the PJ Library.  Each book shares something about Judaism, Jewish culture or a Jewish value.  This one, "Welcome" by Barroux, is a simple, engaging book that is about refugees.  

Ok, it's about polar bears, cows, giraffes, pandas and monkeys.  But with very few words and sweet illustrations it boils down xenophobia to it's core and entreats us to say "welcome" to those who may not look like us, but who need our help.  I wish it was this obvious to grown-ups. 

So many Jewish values are universal.  Most of us value being welcoming to a stranger (though sadly not our current President).  Will we act on this value? Or will we waste time carving out exclusions and caveats so we don't have to share?  The logistics are complicated, but the answer is simple.  We must say "welcome."

Emily GoldbergComment